Movie Review – “Jeff, Who Lives at Home”

Jeff loves the movie “Signs.” In fact, he loves it so much that in the opening minutes of Jay and Mark Duplass’ newest dramedy, “Jeff, Who Lives at Home,” we find the title character talking about how the different plot marks lead to a “perfect moment” later on in the film.

This sets both the motion and the tone of the movie, as Jeff spends the next 80-some minutes searching for a mysterious man named Kevin (which came up after fielding a “wrong number” phone call from a man), while helping his brother (Ed Helms) investigate into whether or not his wife is cheating on him and fielding phone calls from his mother (Susan Sarandon) about picking up wood glue for a broken wood panel on a kitchen cabinet.

The movie, written and directed by the Duplass brothers (who previously wrote and directed 2010’s “Cyrus”), may not be a laugh out loud kind of movie, but it has that kind of good sense of humor that both makes you laugh and makes you think.

Segel definitely makes this movie bearable with his ad-libbing with Helms’ (who seems to be Andy Bernard with a beard…no complaints) and his overall general take on any character. As Jeff, he is forever optimistic, a non-fighter, and always looks for the best in everything. You may come for the familiarity in cast, but you stay for the overall good message it provides.

It may not be an award-winning movie come Oscar season, but it’s still something you should check out.

Rating: A-


One thought on “Movie Review – “Jeff, Who Lives at Home”

  1. Nice review. It’s a pretty thin concept for a feature, with some potent one-liners and sight gags that are more sporadic than consistent. The cast is pretty good and tries their best but what I was mostly surprised by was how unfunny Segel and Helms were together, and they were improvising half of the time too!

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