“The Walking Dead,” Season Finale

If you missed tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead, first off, you should be ashamed of yourself. But secondly, do not read below!

In the aftermath of the Rick-Shane stand-off, where Carl once and for all finishes off his mother’s former lover (and possible baby daddy), we see a large herd of the undead following the two on their trek back to the barn. Over the next 20 minutes, viewers were treated to jaw-dropping drama and probably the best television experience in a while. Go ahead, fight me on this.

We see the fallout between Rick and Lori after she learns of Shane’s death (and Rick’s reveal), the secret revealed to Rick at the end of the first season, the introduction of Michonne (who plays her has yet to be determined), and the group divided over Rick’s protected secret and the news of his killing of Shane.

This was, by far, the best episode since Shane’s meltdown / Sophia’s zombified discovery. It just continues to show how AMC sets and clears the bar with any of their dramas. Although there are several cliffhangers left, it leaves us anticipating the third season reveal. Prison, anyone?


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