Caskett: Will They or Won’t They?

How we hoped it would've ended up

In the epic battle of “will they, won’t they?” fans of ABC’s “Castle” were left, well, disappointed Monday with yet another entry into the sub-drama that is the relationship between the title character and police detective Kate Beckett.

Castle, who is coming off the knowledge that Beckett remembers every single moment following her gunshot at the end of the third season (including Castle’s professing of love), decides it is better to sever his feelings completely and skirts around with an unknown blond flight attendant.

Beckett realizes he is pulling away, and asks if she should address how she feels. Of course, over the course of the episode, we see the build-up but never any sort of reveal.

This leads us to ask, will it ever happen? We’d like to think so. Hopefully it can help heal the wounds of us Caskett fans out there. Will both their newfound relationships last? Who knows.

All we know is, we’re looking forward to Adam Baldwin’s guest spot on the show next week. Firefly reunion, anyone?


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