The final slice of pie: “American Reunion” Review

All good things must come to an end, and although we had to wait eight years to see the proposed conclusion of the “American Pie” franchise, “American Reunion,” it was well worth the wait.

Set during the “Class of ’99’s” 13th year anniversary, the movie reintroduces us to the characters we came to know and love during the late 1990s and early 2000s, this time showing the grown-up versions of themselves.

There’s Jim and Michelle, happily married with a two-year-old son and an intimate life on the rocks; Stifler, who is working as a temp at an investment firm with big dreams of moving up; Oz, an NFL sportscaster and recent reality competitor who’s dating a supermodel (Katrina Bowden); Finch, who’s life is shrouded in mystery until much later in the film; and Kevin, a “work-at-home” architect/househusband.

The four (excluding Stifler) decide to meet up in town a couple of days before the reunion to catch up and reminisce on the glory days, talking about their lives now and how different they have become since high school. Enter Stifler, who still lives in town and has decided to go to the same bar to catch a drink. Let the chaos ensue.

At the same time, Jim encourage his father to get back out on the dating market since his wife passed away three years prior, drunkenly running into Stifler’s mom at a house party. Jim himself has run into a slight dilemma. The girl he babysat is now turning 18 and has “been in love with him for a while.”

“American Reunion” has the same antics as its three predecessors, still gracing the audience with that same charm we have come to know while providing a wonderful underlying message.

You go for the familiarity but you stay for the plot. It’s a great addition to the series, and I applaud Hollywood for giving this the green light.

Rating: A-


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