Community, “Basic Lupine Urology” Review

“Greendale Community College is represented by two separate yet equally important types of people. The goofballs who run around, stirring up trouble, and the eggheads that make a big deal out of it. These are their stories.”

Sound familiar? For any fan, or in this case, anyone who has ever watched an episode of Law & Order in their life, it is close to the same narration style preceding any episode.

NBC’s “Community,” which faced cancellation earlier this year but won the support of NBC executives by its small but loyal fanbase, has significantly bounced back in recent weeks with its parodical takes on Ken Burns documentaries (Pillows & Blankets), and rich storylines embedded throughout the show’s three seasons (the long-standing Beetlejuice joke).

Tonight’s “Community” was no different, with an episode filmed in the style of “Law & Order.” The group faces failure on a science project when they discover their yam has been dropped and stepped on. With three characters facing more minor roles (Britta, Pierce and Shirley), the show focused on the “police” (Troy and Abed) trying to find the culprit while the “lawyers” (Jeff and Annie) worked to convict.

It was one of the best episodes I have seen in a while. It hit the “Law & Order” mark to a tee, including the famous sound effect, the similar camerawork and ambience of the background while throwing in the humor we have come to know and adore with this show – Troy and Abed trying to decide who will be good cop or bad cop or even choosing who will be responsible for the “pun”-y phrases, Dean Pelton exhibiting his strange erotic tendencies and the use of courtroom jargon in regular conversation.

If Community continues to follow this pattern of parodying other TV shows or documentaries, I know I will be tuning in. This one fired on all cylinders.


One thought on “Community, “Basic Lupine Urology” Review

  1. I agree with you 100%, there just isn’t another show on television that can nail a parody so solidly as Community can, while still sticking to their continued flow of character development and the distinct humor of the show. There are a couple pretty solid Community fans that I work with here at DISH and on Fridays we get together on lunch to re-watch the episode using, where we can watch the latest episodes or lots of behind the scenes stuff, and I’m looking forward to everyone’s reaction to the Omar line, as I know there a few fans of “The Wire” in our midst, too.

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