Netflix Review, “Brick”

I’m normally not one to review a movie after it has left theaters and graces the consumer on DVD (or VHS, for those old schoolers out there), unless it’s “The Lion King” and I just have to revisit my childhood (because, honestly, who doesn’t want to do that?), but with the helpful suggestion from a friend, I have decided to brush off the dust that’s been collecting on this website and re-churn up my good ol reviewing. 

2005’s “Brick,” starring the always wonderful Joseph Gordon-Levitt, follows an outcast teenager, Brendan (JGL) as he travels through the inner workings of social clubs in his high school to look into the disappearance of his girlfriend (Emilie de Ravin).

The movie jumps right in to the scheme of things, where Brendan is observing the lifeless corpse of his girlfriend, but flashes back to show you the beginning of the tale, the “discovery” and the aftermath.

It’s told in a very noir scheme, where, while we are introduced to the characters in a high school setting, the way each role is scripted makes you forget you are in high school…at least until they mention “fourth period” or “homeroom” or show you the rows of lockers.

The majority of the film takes place outside of the school, as Brendan looks into why his girlfriend is dead. Along with his trusted “back-up” Brain, he makes his way into those “workings” to find the real truth.

Written and directed by Rian Johnson, who will be coming out with “Looper” later this year (also another JGL vehicle that I will probably see simply because its JGL and you can never go wrong with him), this film will keep you guessing until the end. It may have flown under the radar when it was released seven years ago, but I know I will probably join the cult that adores this movie.

JGL’s acting is legit, as always, and with an out-of-style high school haircut and his ability to embrace each character, you feel how his character feels. You see what his character sees. You pity the situation he is thrown in.

The movie is currently streaming on Netflix. If you have about two hours to kill and are looking for that movie to where, at the end, you are left puzzled but overwhelmed, this movie is for you.


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