Movie Review, “Prometheus”

Ridley Scott sets off to a new, colorful world in his latest addition to the “Alien” timeline, “Prometheus.”

The movie takes place chronologically before that of “Alien.” It’s 2089 and an expedition crew is seeking out a planet scribed through various paintings or scriptures in our history, which ultimately is found to be habitable.

Once scouring the planet for clues, though, the crew runs into something they could never imagine. It’s not the alien species (spoiler alert), but it’s damn near close.

Though I have only seen the first movie in the “Alien” franchise (I know, shocking since I usually watch any and all movies I can – please no judging), I feel this movie answered a lot of the questions I had posed from that 1979 classic – who left that distress call? How did this alien race come to be? Why did the android population even exist to begin with?

It most certainly triumphed in true “Alien” fashion, with a strong female role at the helm (Sigourney Weaver as Ripley in the original, Noomi Rapace as Dr. Elizabeth Shaw in the current). Rapace definitely brought her skills to the table, and has proven she can be as big of a star in the states (she’s already served as Madam Simza Heron in the Sherlock Holmes sequel) as she can in Sweden (where she triumphed as Lisbeth Salander in the “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” trilogy).

That, and with the studio’s wonderful marketing campaign (including this video of “David” (played wonderfully by Michael Fassbender)) made this movie a “want to see” on my list.

Yes, I’m still left with questions and some minor complaints (including one with a scene toward the end), but I’ll have to sleep on it before I can ultimately determine where this movie is filed in my brain. But, to you dear readers, it was definitely an entertaining flick. Ridley Scott told an amazing story that was filled with rich detail and strong character development.

Final Grade: B+


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