Mad Men Season Finale Review Part Two: Poor Pete Campbell needs to learn how to drive stick


By Brandon James Smith

Well, we’ve definitely covered Don Draper, if you want that then click here. Now it’s time for the other characters…

Some people might disagree with me, but this show is just as much about Peggy Olson as it is Don Draper. They knew exactly where Peggy was going to end up (which is in Don Draper’s office) right from the show’s inception. Seriously go back and and start watching Mad Men season one. Knowing what you know now, it’s fascinating.

And enough credit cannot be given to  Elizabeth Moss. Not enough people know her name. She has been an important character in two of the best well-written shows of all time and I would kiss her Scientology-worshiping feet if asked.

Side note: That is the only time you will ever hear me praise a Scientologist. I give Elizabeth the benefit of the doubt because she was raised that way. So, you know, religion or whatever.

Moving on, much like Jon Hamm seems to have been born to play Don Draper, Elizabeth Moss seems to have been born to play Peggy Olsen (and maybe Zoey Bartlet). I love her. I love her as much as Ted does.

Too bad Ted turned out to be like every other man Peggy has met throughout the entire series.

Yeah yeah, I might be being a little too bitter toward Ted. I mean, I get it. He doesn’t want to have a broken home, destroy his kids lives, blah blah blah. But seriously dude, you’re a cliché. You got a crush with a chick you worked with, you nailed her and then you pretty much said, “Oh, whoops, uh, now that I got that out of my system I realized I really um, like, love my wife and kids and stuff.” These are all things you knew beforehand you douche. You just wanted to bang Peggy.

I think this pretty much sums it up:


The point is, Ted, I will kill you. Wait, that’s not the point. The point is Ted is the “good guy”on Mad Men who really is nothing more than Don without the balls, or the drinking problem. That’s why Peggy fell for him. That’s why he’s more likable around the office.

“I love you,” he says to Peggy. She bought it because he bought it. Then once he laid down next to his wife reality hit. I hate you Ted. Sorry fans of Ted, he sucks and I’m glad he’s going to California.

You know who else is going to California? Pete. And I’ll be damned if I didn’t feel sympathy for that slimey little bastard last Sunday. Yeah, he’s still a scumbag. But a few things:

When him and his brother decided not to spend money on finding the guy who murdered their mother, I laughed. Pete has ALWAYS hated his mother so it made it feel ok. Again, check out Mad Men season one – he cannot stand her.

I also laughed when Don gave his little speech about moving to Cali and Pete just does not care anymore. “Honestly, I’ve got bigger problems,” he says.

He’s right. Nobody, not even Don, has had more terrible things happen to him this season than Pete. Most of have been by his own doing (or Bob Benson’s), but you feel bad for the guy.

I love the point that Alison Brie…uh, I mean, Trudy…made. Pete has nothing left to lose, nobody to impress. Maybe in California he will calm down a little. Perhaps there’s hope for him too. That nice little shot of him looking at his daughter reminded us that, “Oh yeah, Pete’s a human being too.”

Of course, it is fun to revel in his grievances.

And Roger and Joan, my god just get together. Speaking of Roger, “You know what they say about Detroit – it’s all fun and games until somebody gets shot.” Seriously if they made a spinoff show of Roger just walking around on the street talking to people, I would watch it…constantly.

Anyway, that’s all I got for Roger right now. Yeah he’s been a bit lonely and I’m happy Joan let him in at the end, but the finale didn’t have much to do with him. He was around for most of it, but kind of in the background or off to the side.

Wait a minute, he did give Bob Benson a stern talking to at the beginning didn’t he? I love that Roger sees right through Bob.

“You have a hand on every rung don’t you?”

Yes Roger, yes he does.

Bob Benson is really creeping me out man. I mean everyone knew he was up to something, but wow.

Here’s what we know:

  1. He has a mysterious past.
  2. He’s homosexual, or at least bi.
  3. He hangs out with people who murder his coworkers mothers.
  4. He keeps getting compared to Ted Bundy
  5. He loves to get coffee
  6. He knows how to drive stick

If I worked at SC&P I would be as nice as possible to Bob while also trying to avoid him. I certainly wouldn’t cross him. Whenever you piss Bob off, that smile goes away and he almost transforms into a different person. Then he’ll embarrass you in front of Chevy executives and get you sent to California even though technically you’re a partner. That’s after his caretaker “friend” marries your mother and throws her off a boat.


Well, I guess if you can pull off these shorts you can pull off anything. Good for you Bobby.

052813-mad-men-11-340Who wears short shorts? Bob wears short shorts!

Anyway, if you need me I’ll be suffering from Mad Men withdrawal for the next year.


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