A rant against “Man of Steel”

supermad_tileThe amazing things the movie could have done if the casting only went this way…

By Brandon James Smith

So I think I figured out what happened with Man of Steel. At least this is what I think what happened….

I didn’t realize David S. Goyer was not a co-writer of the screenplays for the Batman movies. The stories were just by him. The screenplays were written by Christopher and Jon Nolan, with no Goyer credit in the screenwriting. I feel like with Man of Steel, Christopher Nolan just gave Dave advice and tips and that it was all experimental.

I think it was almost like a baby bird flying out of its nest when it comes to Nolan and Goyer. Nolan got him the lone screenwriting job, and I’m sure he gave plenty of advice and tips, but, in the grand scheme of things, Goyer wrote what he wanted. He didn’t have Chris and Jon to throw out his silly ideas and rewrite them with a much cleaner plot.

I think Chris Nolan also wanted to help guide Zack Snyder, who by no means is a bad director, but again, it’s like Christopher Nolan used his power and influence with the studios to let Zack and Goyer go out on their own. And yes, “300” and “Watchmen” were awesome in my opinion, but Snyder doesn’t exactly…I dunno…he makes action scenes look cool and has a feel for story but there’s always something missing.

With the creative influence and advice, I think Nolan likes Snyder and wants him to become a more polished director. And he’s obviously friends with Goyer and wanted him to succeed on his own.

HOWEVER….this was an experiment, and unfortunately, the experiment failed. Here’s why:

There’s a reason why all the “stories” were by Goyer but the screenplays were written by Chris and Jon Nolan. Goyer is a fanboy. He’s one of us. He loves superheroes so much. He’s a comic book nerd. And I think his love for Superman and all the history got in the way of him really focusing the story. I think it’s similar to a little kid being like, “oh boy! I can do anything with Superman I want!” And his nostalgia got in the way of storytelling.

With Snyder, I think he did a good job with the screenplay, but also was pressured to make it feel epic, had a lot of pressure, and just overcompensated.

There’s a good film in there. It would need to be highly cut/reedited, which could easily change the whole film. Shorten it by about 25 minutes, maybe change the order of the narrative. We’d still have to accept female Olsen, Morpheus White, and Amy Adams. But man, if that film was recut and had a better score it truly could have been amazing.

1978-DC-stickers-6-jimmy-olsenSorry, buddy…

I’m sorry, it just upsets me because there’s so much potential in that film. The performances were great! The premise was great! The cinematography was great! It just film like a first cut and the music sucked/part of it was ripped off from Gladiator.


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