Mad Men Season Finale Review Part Two: Poor Pete Campbell needs to learn how to drive stick


By Brandon James Smith

Well, we’ve definitely covered Don Draper, if you want that then click here. Now it’s time for the other characters…

Some people might disagree with me, but this show is just as much about Peggy Olson as it is Don Draper. They knew exactly where Peggy was going to end up (which is in Don Draper’s office) right from the show’s inception. Seriously go back and and start watching Mad Men season one. Knowing what you know now, it’s fascinating.

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Mad Men season finale review part one: Don Draper hits bottom, really loves chocolate


By Brandon James Smith

Sunday night's sixth season finale was the beginning of the end for Mad Men.

Creator Matthew Weiner has said the seventh season will be its last and that he's well aware of how it's going to end. After watching the appropriately titled β€œIn Care Of,” I realized there's no reason for anyone to doubt him. The stage has been set. Much like the real-life psyche of the country back in 1968, every major character find themselves lost, at a crossroads, or both. As a country though, even in turmoil, we're resilient. And so are the characters of Mad Men.

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64th Primetime Emmy Predictions

It’s that time of year, dear readers. That’s right, award season! And how glorious it will be.

Nominees for the 64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards were announced earlier this morning, and, well, I just have to go ahead and choose my picks. Continue reading