“The Five Year Engagement” Review

It’s New Year’s Eve. Tom Solomon (Jason Segel) has dressed up as Super Bunny for a “create-your-own superhero” themed party. Violet Barnes (Emily Blunt) has donned a Princess Diana costume since “she doesn’t need any superpowers.” They spot each other from across the bar, and by the toll of midnight, they are each other’s New Years kiss.

Flash forward a year (or the beginning of the movie), Tom and Violet are driving to a New Years party but Tom wants to make a quick stop at a restaurant, where he serves as a sous chef, to “pick up receipts.” Afterextensive badgering from Violet, Tom reveals he was planning to propose to her. Continue reading


Community, “Basic Lupine Urology” Review

“Greendale Community College is represented by two separate yet equally important types of people. The goofballs who run around, stirring up trouble, and the eggheads that make a big deal out of it. These are their stories.”

Sound familiar? For any fan, or in this case, anyone who has ever watched an episode of Law & Order in their life, it is close to the same narration style preceding any episode. Continue reading